Elmar Nieser

Elmar Nieser

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First Name * Elmar
Last Name * Nieser
Username * ElmarNieser
Country * Netherlands
City Nieuwegein
Nationality Dutch
Languages DutchEnglish


Current Position 3D Graphics Artist
Current Company Resein
Areas of Expertise 3ds maxPhotoshopModelingAnimation


Availability: Freelance
Website www.elmarnieser.com
Phone number 31657710678


I am Elmar Nieser from Holland. I'm intrested in 3D since 2000 and started using 3Dsmax since 2002. Before that I did a lot of game disign, just for fun and training.

It all started when I first played the game "Quake 2". While I was playing the game in various levels, I thought "Wow, those people who made these levels are able to create their own worlds!". I never thought I could ever make something like that, but then the day came when I downloaded a mapping tool for this game.I started playing around and started to like it. After a year or so I played another game called "Quake 3 Arena". I did a more serious attemp at creating a level for a modification of Quake 3 called "Urban Terror". But then I realised my creativity was limited in those games. Later, I heard of Discreet 3D Studio Max. Since that moment (January 2002) I made the 3D renders you can find in this portfolio.


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